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At Geochem, we bring innovation, precision, and reliability to the forefront of the oil and gas sector. As a leading name in the industry, we specialize in delivering high-quality chemical solutions that drive efficiency, enhance performance, and meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Innovation and Quality

Fueling progress with a fusion of innovation and unwavering quality.

Custom Solutions

Tailored precision, custom solutions for your unique challenges and objectives.

Commitment to Sustainability

Pioneering Excellence with Unwavering Commitment to Sustainability.

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Crafting Excellence in Chemical Solutions at Geo Chemical N.V.

GEO CHEMICALS NV a registered company in Suriname and GEOCHEM CONSULTING LTD a registered company in Trinidad & Tobago are related business entities collectively referred to as “GEOCHEM” providing cost effective solutions to both the upstream and downstream Oil and Gas sector in the Caribbean Basin inclusive of Suriname, Guyana and Trinidad.

Supported by a group of experienced subject matter experts and global supply chains, “GEOCHEM” has been servicing those markets for the past three (3) years and has a footprint in Suriname as a supplier of Commodity Chemicals, Specialty Products, Plant and Equipment and Waste Management Services. 


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Our Services & Portfolios

Explore our diverse portfolio at Geo Chemical N.V., offering cutting-edge services that redefine excellence in the oil and gas sector.

Tank Cleaning

GEOCHEM is resourced with Tank Cleaning capability including confined space entry utilizing vacuum transport systems.

Oil Spill Response

GEOCHEM is resourced
with Oil Spill Response capability
for Nearshore and Onshore applications.

Treating Chemicals

To date, GEOCHEM is a provider of commodity and specialty chemicals for Oil and Gas applications with access of a full range

Geo Chemicals NV

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Choosing Geo Chemical N.V. means selecting a partner dedicated to revolutionizing your oil and gas operations. Here’s why partnering with us stands out. Choosing Geo Chemical N.V. means choosing reliability, innovation, and a commitment to elevating your operations in the oil and gas industry.
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Industry Expertise

With years of experience, our team boasts in-depth knowledge and understanding of the oil and gas sector's unique chemical requirements.

Reliable Support

Count on our dedicated support team for timely assistance, ensuring seamless integration and continuous support for your operations.

Proven Track Record

We’ve earned the trust of industry leaders through successful projects and a consistent record of delivering results.

Precision Chemistry for Oil & Gas Evolution & Driving Efficiency, Redefining Chemistry.

At Geo Chemical N.V., we epitomize a relentless pursuit of chemical innovation within the oil and gas industry. Through years of industry expertise, we’ve cultivated a culture driven by excellence, creating tailored chemical solutions that redefine operational standards. 



What Our Client Says

See what our clients are saying about the transformative impact of Geo Chemical N.V.'s innovative solutions on their operations.

Geo Chemical N.V. exceeded our expectations with their tailored chemical solutions. Their expertise in corrosion control significantly prolonged the lifespan of our infrastructure.

Amon Sukdeo Plant Operator

We've partnered with Geo Chemical N.V. for years. Their dedication to sustainable chemistry aligns perfectly with our values. Their fluid additives have drastically optimized our drilling operations.

Karan Orie Mechanical Engineer

Geo Chemical N.V.'s specialized chemical formulations transformed our oil extraction processes. Their commitment to innovation drove remarkable improvements in our production rates.

Steve Kissoon Waste Mangement SME

Choosing Geo Chemical N.V. was a game-changer for us. Their environmentally friendly solutions aligned perfectly with our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint.

Nancy Harripersad Finance Manager


Frequently Answer Question

Explore our FAQ section for quick answers to common queries, guiding you through a seamless experience with Geo Chemical N.V.

Geo Chemical N.V. offers a wide range of specialized chemicals tailored for various applications within the oil and gas sector. Our offerings include corrosion inhibitors, fluid additives, enhanced recovery solutions, and environmentally sustainable formulations designed to optimize operational processes.

 Safety and environmental responsibility are paramount in our operations. We adhere strictly to industry standards and regulatory guidelines in formulating and delivering our products. Our formulations are designed to minimize environmental impact while prioritizing operational efficiency and safety.


 Absolutely. Our team specializes in creating bespoke chemical formulations tailored to meet the specific needs of each project. We collaborate closely with clients to understand their challenges and develop precise solutions that optimize their operations.

Our products stand out due to our commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability. We consistently strive to innovate and refine our formulations, ensuring they exceed industry standards and deliver superior performance while also being environmentally responsible.

 Getting started is simple. You can reach out to our team through our website's Contact page, where you'll find our contact details and a convenient inquiry form. We're always eager to discuss potential partnerships and address any inquiries or project-specific needs.


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