Projects / Services

Liquid Mud Plant

GEOCHEM commissioned a world class Liquid Mud Plant located at KPF’s shore base. The plant was designed, installed and commissioned with overall project management by GEOCHEM. Currently in service for Shell and Total offshore operations.

Dry Bulk Plant

GEOCHEM designed, installed and commissioned a Dry Bulk Plant for storage and the pneumatic transfer of powdered products to offshore PSVs

Waste Management System at KPF - Suriname

GEOCHEM designed, installed and commissioned a Waste Management Package consisting of high-G shakers and decanting centrifuges to facilitate the reuse and recycling of synthetic oil-based muds for Suriname’s offshore deepwater exploration drilling. Very similar to the equipment that will be employed for the Slop Oil treatment.

Organization Structure

Geochem is well placed on experience with Phase Separation in Oil/Water emulsions, have been contracted to provide Plant Operations and Management Services of the above facilities inclusive of the waste management module which comprises of shakers and High-G Centrifuges along with the Thermal Desorption Unit. The Operators, Technicians and Engineers are Surinamese nationals that have been schooled and trained in the operations and management of the equipment.

Treating Chemicals

To date, GEOCHEM is a provider of commodity and specialty chemicals for Oil and Gas upstream and downstream applications with access to a full range of products and technical support. All chemical applications are supported by our Laboratory Support Services.

Thermal Desorption Unit at KPF - Suriname

GEOCHEM in partnership with OWMS is in the final stage of installation of a Thermal Desorption Unit for hydrocarbon waste treatment from Offshore and Onshore waste streams of the IOC’s and service providers.

This facility is located on the KPF’s Shore Base and will be commissioned by 1st September.

Oil Spill Response

GEOCHEM is resourced with Oil Spill Response capability for Nearshore and Onshore applications.

Tank Cleaning

GEOCHEM is resourced with Tank Cleaning capability including confined space entry utilizing vacuum transport systems. These vacuum transport systems are the same units that can be employed for the Slop Oil Centrifuge System.

Design of Slop Oil Treatment Plant

GEOCHEM has designed and will operate a Slop Oil Treatment Plant for Staatsolie's Treatment and Delivery Division.

This unit will be located at Staatsolie's Sara Maria Operations and will be installed, commissioned, and operated in the first quarter of 2024.